UKC3 Skills Project

According to recent research by (ISC)², we need 3.4 million professionals to fill the cyber security skills gap, showing we need to improve cyber skills now more than ever. That’s why the YCSC is working with UKC3, the UK cyber clusters and industry stakeholders on a Skills Research Project that evaluates skills provisions in the UK.

About the Project

A core component of this will be researching, analysing and mapping national and regional cyber security skills programmes; including evaluating the funding of these programmes. 

Education is key to closing the cyber skills gap, and so our research reviews the relationship between industry and academic institutions.

We pay particularly close attention to the career pathways available to students when they leave education, as it is key to ensure their transition into the industry is as smooth as possible.

Ultimately, the research will deliver recommendations on how the clusters, academic institutions, industry partners and government can develop cyber skills in their region.

We aim to provide cyber skills best practice guidance, as well as a framework for clusters to use in their skills programmes to encourage partnerships with educational institutions and within the industry.

The research is led by Alsa Tibbit, a seasoned professional with extensive teaching, cyber security and research expertise. She enjoys creating content to communicate cyber security to the masses and is passionate about AI and malware.