Our Skills Working Group is dedicated to encouraging skills development in the cyber security industry. They help other cyber skills programmes to grow by putting them in touch with the right collaborators, building their knowledge and discovering best practice.

By hosting a variety of sessions in schools, supporting students to gain the Cyber Security Course the (ISC)² Certified in Cybersecurity and facilitating Cyber EPQ courses alongside CiiSec – the Working group promotes cyber skills throughout Yorkshire.

At YCSC, we are committed to promoting skills opportunities, increasing outreach and encouraging skills development across all ages. We work closely with numerous schools, colleges and universities to identify achievable pathways for students. 

We develop mentoring programmes and work with local educational bodies to improve cyber skills. Thanks to our extensive network we are able to help talented individuals find their path and allow businesses to benefit from bringing in the best talent Yorkshire has to offer.

NCSC Cyber First Girls Competition

We have been proud to host the NCSC CyberFirst Girls Competition finale. Every year we are impressed and inspired by the fantastic entrants. With the support of members, our networks, apprenticeships and educational programmes,  we can help to ensure their cyber success.


Commissioned by UKC3, the YCSC is currently undergoing a nationwide skills research study.

The core focus of this research is to evaluate the provision of national and regional cyber security skills programmes by conducting in-depth research, analysis, and mapping.

The study also assesses the funding sources for skills programmes, including government and private sector contributions.