Our FAQs

Join our business leaders, professionals and academics and become a catalyst for change in Yorkshire.

The YCSC, or Yorkshire Cyber Security Cluster, is a community interest organisation dedicated to improving cyber security skills, innovation and growth in the region. We are one of many clusters around the UK led by UKC3.

The YCSC delivers a wide range of activities to support our innovation, improvement of the cyber security ecosystem and skills development. We host in-person or online events, tickets can be found on our Events page.

We are dedicated to supporting skills growth throughout Yorkshire. Alongside our events we conduct skills research and outreach in schools, universities and SMEs. We support students through our skills programmes, helping them establish their own network and better understand the industry thanks to mentors from within the YCSC.

Our Knowledge Bank also encourages skills development for all levels. From industry veterans to new starters, there’s plenty of resources for you in our brand new Knowledge Bank.

We also regularly attend conferences, awards and events to improve our knowledge and meet other amazing players in the industry. To get tickets to our events visit here.

Becoming a member of the YCSC gives you access to amazing networking opportunities, resources for skills development and fantastic events led by industry experts. It is and always will be free to become a YCSC member, so join our community today!

Our meetings are open to anyone who wishes to attend. Membership is not necessary, but by joining the YCSC you become part of Yorkshire’s dedicated cyber security community. Doing so will mean you have the opportunity to network and develop yourself within the Yorkshire cyber community, help to build the cyber security ecosystem in Yorkshire and be a force for positive change. If you wish to support regional activities and benefit from sponsorship through the cluster please fill out our membership form.

The YCSC has no fixed abode, with members of the security community invited to host our meetings. This means our events take place throughout Yorkshire, in new and exciting places each quarter. We will continue to capitalise on our great work so far to reach new and exciting places each quarter. 

If you would like to host a YCSC meeting at your venue you should contact us. Please note that these events aren’t designed for selling companies or latest products, they are a place where everyone can come together to share ideas on building a better Yorkshire. We are always open to collaboration, guest speakers and passionate individuals.

Prior events have been held in:

  • School halls
  • Army barracks
  • Universities
  • Conference Centres
  • Business Hubs
  • Chambers of Commerce
  • Policing Venues

Our monthly meetings are free! All we ask is that you book your ticket via the Eventbrite page.

We aim to host in-person events once a quarter, but most of our monthly events are held online. Our in-person events will rotate between each region in Yorkshire (North, South, West, East and Humber). The cluster calls upon businesses and organisations from Yorkshire to host our meetings to strengthen the ecosystem all across the region. As such, our meeting locations may change. Check our Eventbrite page for details on our next meeting. 

We welcome all people and organisations to join us, our community is for anyone interested in cyber security, from industry professionals to students and SMEs. Just visit our ‘Become a Member’ page to learn more and sign up.

We’re always on the lookout for new ideas and we’d love to hear any suggestions for our event topics. If you have something you’d like to discuss please get in touch.

Getting involved with the YCSC is a great way to grow the cyber community and give back. Our community has professionals from all areas of the industry, so we’re always looking for new people to be speakers at our events, contribute to our Knowledge Bank, mentor young people and join our working groups. If you would like to help, please contact us via our contact page

We love spreading the word about cyber security, inspiring the next generation and sharing our knowledge with the local community. Contact us if you’d like to speak or contribute to our next event! 

Are you excited to start your cyber career but don’t know where to start? We have a team of industry experts and mentors who can help you start your career journey. Whether you’re a student or considering a change of career, get in touch and we can help!

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