Cyber Kickstart

As the cyber security industry continues to grow, the demand for skilled professionals increases. Currently, there is a skills gap of 26%, 3.4 million workers are needed to fill the shortfall. The cyber security industry offers a unique opportunity for an exciting and rewarding career. There are a variety of roles in cyber and the opportunity to transfer skills is endless.

About the Programme

Our Cyber Kickstart programme offers students the opportunity to explore the world of cyber and gives them the skills to pursue their career. It is an educational programme and placement scheme which takes students through introductory (ISC)² cyber security qualifications, the Cyber EPQ and work experience. The programme also offers school workshops, summer schools, apprenticeships and guest lectures at universities – with consistent support from one of our industry mentors.

The programme covers ages 11-18, supporting students through their educational career. We can even organise a degree apprenticeship with one of our trusted partners, to guide students next steps in the industry.

Adults can also benefit from changing their careers and entering the cyber security industry. Cyber Kickstart provides adult learners with the ability to transition their career into cyber.

Through professional certification and mentorship, we help those new to the industry learn how to transition skills and establish their network. 

More Info

Cyber Kickstart offers benefits for learners of all ages; they learn about cyber, gain experience and receive guidance from industry professionals. Cyber Kickstart is here to bring new talent into the industry. To learn more or to find out how you can get involved, get in touch!