Open Source Intelligence Masterclass with Vincent Cook

This masterclass with Vincent Cook, Founder and CEO of CYB3R OPERATIONS, introduces Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) and will cover the main definition and concepts related to OSINT, as well as practical, hands-on skills required to locate and analyse information. OSINT is any way of collecting and analysing information that is freely available online to produce […]

Unlocking the Potential: Exploring Blockchain Technology Masterclass with Dr. Jims Marchang

In this talk, Dr Jims Marchang will dissect the Blockchain technology to understand its building blocks, its fundamentals and explore its importance to unlock its potential and harvest its features.   In today’s digital era, businesses continue to rely heavily on digital technology for their operations, accuracy and improve process efficiency. So, the need to […]

Becoming Less Operational & More Strategic In Your Business Masterclass with Jane Frankland

This masterclass is designed to equip you with the tools, insights, and mindset needed to lead your organisation with clarity and purpose in today’s dynamic business landscape. Join cyber security expert and acclaimed author, Jane Frankland, for an exclusive masterclass aimed at empowering business leaders. Jane Frankland is an award-winning cyber security leader, author, and […]

Artificial Intelligence Masterclass with Neil Richardson

Join Cyber Security Consultant, CSTL-Web expert and Co-Founder of SteelCon, Neil Richardson, as he delivers an exclusive masterclass on the pros and cons of the Artificial Intelligence revolution and explores how this may affect global cyber security.     AI is altering the goalposts within cybersecurity. Quantifying vast amounts of tech data within a fraction […]

Cyber Security Culture Masterclass with Neil Frost

This Cyber Security Culture masterclass aims to: Address key risks that increase business susceptibility to data breaches and cyber-attacks. Examine the myths and perceptions surrounding cybersecurity and how they impact business security. Detail how behavioural psychology is used to socially engineer victims. Highlight how personal digital footprints impact the susceptibility of organisations to attack. Explain […]