In this talk, Dr Jims Marchang will dissect the Blockchain technology to understand its building blocks, its fundamentals and explore its importance to unlock its potential and harvest its features.


In today’s digital era, businesses continue to rely heavily on digital technology for their operations, accuracy and improve process efficiency. So, the need to protect against cyber threats has becomes increasingly important. In the field of recent technological development, blockchain technology is one of the most promising domain. Blockchain is a decentralized, peer-to-peer distributed ledger that is immutable, transparent, and secure. It creates a permanent digital record of transactions that is tamper-proof, making it an ideal security solution to maintain trust, visibility, and traceability.


Blockchain’s ability to secure data and transactions makes it a perfect partner in the cybersecurity space and makes the system more resilient than ever. It has already found its way into various sectors of the economy such as finance, supply chain, healthcare etc. It has the potential to revolutionise the way information and systems are secured and is gaining traction in the business world. Thus, blockchain technology provides unique features that make it one of the most promising solutions in the field of cybersecurity.