Rosie will, using her own experiences, talk through the importance of, and mutual benefit of bringing together Cyber Security and Data Protection as a powerful set of complementary measures to protect data, privacy and the security of assets. Often described as two sides of the same coin, the relationship between Cyber Security and Data Protection needs to be better understood and leveraged for operational and strategic business benefit.

Rosie is currently the Head of Professional Services and Data Protection Lead at Daintta, a company who provide deep expertise across Cyber Security, Data Protection, Data Intelligence as well as Networks and Communications to support clients to protect and secure the UK and its interests. Prior to joining Daintta, Rosie spent 10 years working within the NHS at both trust and national level across Data and Digital Transformation, specialising in Cyber Security and Data Protection over the last six years, most recently as the Head of Data Security, Privacy and Records Management at NHS Blood and Transplant. Rosie has both strong technical background in cyber and data protection as well as leading transformation and business change.