Event – Addressing the threats for your business

Cyber Security: Addressing the threats for your business

Wednesday 30th November 2016

University of Huddersfield, 3M Buckley Innovation Centre, 2/29, 16:00 to 19:00



The University of Huddersfield and Digital Catapult Centre Yorkshire are pleased to organise this free-to-

attend Cyber Security workshop at the 3M Buckley Innovation Centre on Wednesday 30th November 2016

between 16:00 to 19:00.


The continuous evolution of cyber threats poses great risks for all businesses and organisations using IT

infrastructures. Cyber-crime is a multi-billion pound industry and no business can afford to ignore the

threats. This workshop provides a background to the cyber-security landscape and highlights best practises

which can help mitigate potential threats. Talks will be given from organisations facing cyber-security

challenges, as well as from organisations providing solutions.

During this workshop, attendees can network with other local businesses facing cyber-security challenges,

as well as those providing solutions. In addition, the University will also provide information on

Government and University funding initiatives to support regional businesses in improving their cyber-

security provisions.


The University is offering a free follow-up visit to SMEs in the Leeds City Region where a cyber-security

expert will visit your company to assist in assessing cyber-security threats and providing knowledge.



Advanced registration can be made at:

https://www.eventbrite.com/e/cyber-security- addressing-the- threats-for- your-business- tickets-


The event will be held in the 3M Buckley Innovation Centre, room 2/29. Further details will be provided

after registering.




16:00 to16:30 Refreshments and registration – 3M Buckley Innovation Centre

16:30 to 18:00 Presentations

18:00 to 19:00 Refreshments and networking

Scheduled talks

16:30 to 16:40 UoH (Simon Parkinson) “How the University is developing solutions and funding business opportunities”

16:40 to 16:50 Kirklees Council (Terence Hudson) “It happens – Sometimes”

16:50 to 17:00 Cisco (Terry Greer King) “Cyber Essentials”

17:00 to 17:10 Equilibrium Risk (Luke Appleby) “Cyber Security- What you need to know.”

17:10 to 17:20 Probado Ltd (Gordon Maclean) “Cyber Threat: a reality, an Outsourcers View”

17:20 to 17:30 Elder-Studios (Rick Whalley) “Rethinking Software Development: Security First”

17:30 to 17:40 Bobs Business Ltd (Melanie Oldham) “Pitfalls of Cyber Security”

17:40 to 17:50 The AntiSocial Engineer Limited / YCSC (Richard De Vere) “How YCSC Can Help Your


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