DMARC – Courtesy of the GCA

So you may not of heard but the Global Cyber Alliance are a non profit designed to raise awareness of some of the biggest cyber crime issues effecting business.

They were founded with money from like minded investors (taken from criminal asset forfeiture no less) and kept their goals simple – with the intention of doing what they do well!

After years of prosecuting cyber financial fraud crimes with no end in sight, the New York County District Attorney, Cyrus Vance Jr., knew that there had to be a better way to confront the cyber crime epidemic.

I recommend making contact with them and following them on social media:

Twitter: @GlobalCyberAlln




They have spent a lot of time on the creation of a tool that will make implementing DMARC simple! A step by step online guide can be found here at:

DMARC Online Setup Guide:

DMARC/SPF/DKIM Informational PDF: screenshot-2016-11-10-19-53-16

So shamelessly plugging a worthwhile cause aside, having personally worked for a long time with phishing emails and building a defence for companies from malicious attack this would be immensely useful for small to medium companies to ‘give it a go’. You see the Microsofts and the IBMs of this world won’t find the tool useful at all but when a smaller company is faced with a challenge like ‘you should implement DMARC’ and they are left scratching their heads or spending thousands on a consultant a tool like this can really save the day and make DMARC implementation a breeze.

DMARC can add to other defences and increase your resilience a little more. Don’t ignore it – it’s so easy!


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