Cyber Growth Exchange

So earlier this year many UK cyber security businesses signed up for the Cyber Exchange.

After attending a meeting advising us of the changes of this growing platform it looks to be moving in the right direction. We received notification that it has an updated platform, it now includes prospects. The way companies are categorised and index has also changed slightly.

They mentioned that it now needs content so we thought this would be a great way the YCSC members could contribute to the website, on behalf of your own organisations.

We are going to intro the Cyber Exchange platform in upcoming cluster meetings so stay tuned for more information on the matter. You can get ready for this though by registering and account and familiarising yourself with how it works. You could even recommend partnering businesses to it if you think you know someone who might be interested in it before we get the chance to discuss this.

We will try our best to make sure YCSC members get comms going forward, for the day to day operations you will find the essentials delivered to your inbox directly from the site itself.






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