Month: July 2017

The Cyber Security People Pie

Original Article: Firstly, those close to me know that when it comes to cooking I fit into both the ‘can’t cook’ and ‘won’t cook’ categories. So before I begin this piece, I feel it’s only right to omit that I sought the help of a real chef in the making of this flavoursome written dish! I am lead to believe,… Read more →

Opening Up Fraudulent Invoices

Original Article: We often talk about the unknown ‘attackers’ out to get us in the context of cyber security, but the majority of these types are not confrontational people – they barely deserve the term attacker. They hide in the shadows with their TOR browsers and anonymity supporting anonymous or whoever the favourite hacking group is that month. If you… Read more →

Getting to Know GDPR

Date: 21/06/2017 Venue: Data Protection People, Leeds Meeting Minutes Yorkshire Cyber Security Cluster teamed up with Data Protection People to host a session on GDPR, the new EU Data Protection regulation which will be introduced in May 2018. Agenda Presentation on the myths behind GDPR from Stuart Barker, CEO from The Agenci Panel Session featuring representatives from The Agenci, Data… Read more →